Jenny Lake Grand Tetons

What is beauty? Did we create beauty or magnificence or splendor? Of course, the answer is no. These are simply words we created to describe what, for centuries, has already existed. Are we to think that the wonders of nature that surround us are meaningless? Couldn't we instead think that perhaps they are gifts left for us? They are indeed gifts given for our enjoyment, our sense of wonder and amazement. We are all familiar with the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. We just can't always think of the thousand words. Through the use of photography we can capture the beauty of nature and wildlife and take those images with us.

Take some time to study the photography on these pages. Close your eyes and imagine sitting next to a stream that is slowly passing you by and the gentle sound it creates that eases your soul. Imagine the calm and peace you felt when you watched the lazy circles of an eagle riding the winds high above. Think about the last time you sat down and watched the light play on a tree as its leaves were stirred by a gentle breeze. Photography can take you to these places in nature and many, many more. Photography can help you create the calming environment you desire in your home or workplace.

There is beauty all around us and it is more a part of you than you let yourself believe. The beauty and magnificence around us is for us to treasure and to appreciate. Maybe the first step is for you to understand and come to the realization that you would never be able to recognize that beauty if it was not already a part of you. It is part of our makeup which some people chose to ignore and others search for.

My hope is that you learn through exposing yourself to some simple photography, showing nature and wildlife, just what is inside of you. Learn to take time to really see and not just look past the wildlife and nature that is right in front of you. My wish is that you let me help begin that journey here.